October 22, 2016

How Facebook Developers Have Stopped Ad Blockers

August 9, 2016 devnewz

Facebook is using technology to blend ads into their HTML, making ads indistinguishable to their content in order to prevent ad blocking. This only works when viewing the full HTML version of Facebook, not their mobile version or their mobile app. In a rather soft sell approach, they mixed adding […]

New: Incorporate AMP for Ads and Landing Pages

July 25, 2016 devnewz

Googles <a href=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmuret”>Paul Muret</a>, VP, Display, video &amp; Analytics at Google, says that Google’s research shows that the average mobile site takes 19 seconds to load. If however, through optimization you can get your site to load within 5 seconds or less, Google estimates that you can earn twice as […]

Google I/O Recap For Developers Of Search Tools

June 2, 2016 admin

Fabian Schlup, a software engineer at Google offered an interesting recap of this years Google I/O which was held a couple weeks ago. You can read Fabian’s full post in the Google Developers Blog. Our summary of Google’s summary is as follows: 1. Rich cards Rich Cards are Google’s latest […]

UK Driver License May Become A Smartphone App

May 17, 2016 Staff Writer

Oliver Morley, the CEO of the United Kingdom’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) posted an interesting tweet, saying that the DVLA is working on replacing the drivers license with an iPhone and Android app, or at least offering it as an option to drivers. So here's a little prototype […]

Google Launches New Machine Learning Show For Developers

May 11, 2016 Chris Crum

Google announced the launch of a new show  called “Machine Learning: Recipes for New Developers” on the Google Developers YouTube channel. The company intends to use it to teach developers “the ropes” of machine learning without requiring major prerequisites like calculus. That’s in the first few episodes at least, the […]

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