August 18, 2017

10 Useful Resources to Bookmark for the Mobile Developer

There’s so many developer resources, portals, devzones and the like out there.. so where does one begin when they want to jump in to mobile app development? Obviously that depends on the platform of choice, the resources at hand and many other variables. Here’s 10 simple and useful dev resources that any mobile geek can take advantage of:

  1. Developing for Android – A basic starting point for new developers to the Android ecosystem
  2. Foursquare API and developer resources – If you’re mobile app integrates location you may want to add support for foursquare checkin. Here’s a dev resource from foursquare
  3. Nokia maps Ovi maps API – you may not think Nokia has huge marketshare in North America, however, on the rest of the planet Nokia is huge! Adding to that, Nokia Maps is a terrific map service and has some awesome opportunities for application developers… don’t discount this at all! And see also location APIs and tools from Nokia
  4. The Google Geo Developers Blog – a developer resource and official blog for Google map developers and those using google maps APIs and tool
  5. The Yahoo! maps web services Geocoding API – some resources from Yahoo! for working with location in Yahoo! mapping apps
  6. Facebook developer APIs and tools – a comprehensive resource for developers from facebook – be sure to keep tabs on facebook Places and movement they make in location aware services, POI and related matters.
  7. Twitter developer API and Twitter Geo developer guildelines – A useful resource for those lookig to include Twitter functionality into their mobile apps.
  8. Application Platform Overview for Windows Phone and the Windows Phone developer blog with tips and tricks for the developer and those interested in the Windows Phone OS
  9. Mapquest developer network and tools – details of their flash maps API, geocoding tools, working with OSM and more – a complete resource for developing for Mapquest. See also OSM tools and guidelines from mapquest –
  10. Mapnik is a Free Toolkit for developing mapping applications – perhaps not for mobile development, however, Mapnik is a fantastic, open resource for anyone looking to start mashing around with maps and map data!

Image Credit – Alex’s Mobile Geek Support

Resources are a plenty, that’s for sure! For even more I suggest you check out this HUGE directory of developer programs HERE and see also Hackday – Tips, Tricks, OpenData sources, and Developer Resources for Mobile Application Developers

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