August 18, 2017
Glenn Letham
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10 Useful Resources to Bookmark for the Mobile Developer

March 14, 2012 Glenn Letham

There’s so many developer resources, portals, devzones and the like out there.. so where does one begin when they want to jump in to mobile app development? Obviously that depends on the platform of choice, the resources at hand and many other variables. Here’s 10 simple and useful dev resources […]

RIM CEO Provides A Look At The New BBX Dev Platform

October 19, 2011 Glenn Letham

Today at the annual BB Love-fest (aka. BlackBerry DevCon), RIM President & CEO,Mike Lazaridis, greeted the crowd and provided the State of RIM address as well as a roadmap for the future which includes the Blackberry 7 lineup of devices and a new developer platform, Blackberry BBX.