August 18, 2017

Should Your IT Team Still Develop Your Website?

April 21, 2010 Mike Moran

Back in the late ’90s, just putting up a Web site was a technical feat. Things broke every minute of the day and none of us really knew how to make the site perform, much less do things the way customers expected. I know. I was there. But it’s not […]

Basic Guidelines To Developing An SEO Blog

December 17, 2009 Scott Van Achte

It’s no secret that a continually updated website with new content being added regularly stands a good chance of doing well in Google. One of the long standing methods to regularly expand a site’s content is through the use of a blog. While there are numerous platforms to choose from […]

H1 Tags Are Still Very Useful In Site Optimization

December 17, 2009 Patrick Hare

The H1 tag has been a component of SEO for some time, and we are still finding it useful as a factor in on-page optimization. Search engines use this piece of code to better classify the topic of the entire page, and recent testing (or retesting, since it has been […]