August 18, 2017

JavaScript – “Frame” of Mind

May 19, 2010 Michael Marr

Utilizing JavaScript is a fundamental part of web design and development. From aesthetic to functional, JavaScript is your tool of choice. Where JavaScript may be a Phillips screwdriver in one browser, it becomes a flathead in another, and a hammer in yet another. The pain of cross-browser compliance coupled with […]

SpringSource Acquires G2One

December 17, 2009 Savio Rodrigues

SpringSource announced that it’s acquiring G2One, the company behind Groovy and Grails.  Groovy is an open source dynamic scripting language that runs inside a Java Virtual Machine.  Groovy uses Java-like syntax, so it’s often positioned as the scripting language of choice for developers who already know Java (and/or don’t want […]

Advice On Growing OSS Communities

December 17, 2009 Savio Rodrigues

I just posted this as a comment to Josh’s reply to my reply to his JavaOne 2008 pitch: Josh, come on dude, you’re lumping me in with VCs now?? 😉 About 1.5 years ago, I used to argue that a project isn’t “a true OSS project” if there isn’t an […]

Getting The Most Out Of Omniture Vista Rules

December 17, 2009 Gary Angel

We’ve been doing a LOT of implementation work in the past year – both fresh out of the box and re-implementations to fix or improve an existing setup. What probably isn’t too surprising is that the bulk of that work – both ways – is for Omniture’s SiteCatalyst. Now it’s […]

Adobe Launches Director 11

December 17, 2009 Brajeshwar Oinam

Adobe has announced the availability of the latest version of Director?-?Adobe Director 11. With Adobe Director, Multimedia Designers and Developers can author once and publish their content for the web, CD/DVD and the desktop simultaneously. It is expected to be available by March end and international versions in French, German […]

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