August 18, 2017

Should Your IT Team Still Develop Your Website?

April 21, 2010 Mike Moran

Back in the late ’90s, just putting up a Web site was a technical feat. Things broke every minute of the day and none of us really knew how to make the site perform, much less do things the way customers expected. I know. I was there. But it’s not […]

SpringSource Acquires G2One

December 17, 2009 Savio Rodrigues

SpringSource announced that it’s acquiring G2One, the company behind Groovy and Grails.  Groovy is an open source dynamic scripting language that runs inside a Java Virtual Machine.  Groovy uses Java-like syntax, so it’s often positioned as the scripting language of choice for developers who already know Java (and/or don’t want […]

Basic Guidelines To Developing An SEO Blog

December 17, 2009 Scott Van Achte

It’s no secret that a continually updated website with new content being added regularly stands a good chance of doing well in Google. One of the long standing methods to regularly expand a site’s content is through the use of a blog. While there are numerous platforms to choose from […]

Current Trend In Adopting OSS

December 17, 2009 Savio Rodrigues

When a Forrester Research representative emailed with the following survey highlights, I was more than a little surprised: “Forrester released data today analyzing trend lines in enterprise open source usage in 2007. Among the key findings: Seventy percent of decision-makers responded that they don’t have interest or have no plans […]

OpenLogic Census Survey

December 17, 2009 Roberto Galoppini

Six months ago OpenLogic announced the Open Source Census, an initiative to quantify the global use of open source in enterprises. On the 16th of April OpenLogic eventually launched the collaborative project to collect and share quantitative data on the use of open source software, and recently announced the first […]

North-by-South Outsourcing Open Source Projects

December 17, 2009 Roberto Galoppini

North-by-South, is an open source company based in San Francisco and Sao Paulo (Brazil), is getting work from the Bay and organizing teams of open source programmers from Central & South America to do the jobs. North-by-South, officially started in July 2006 in Sao Paulo at a developers get-together organized […]

OpenLogic Survey Found Unsatisfied Customers

December 17, 2009 Roberto Galoppini

OpenLogic, an open source provider offering software and services for open source governance, conducted a study based on the answers to the questionnaire of 123 enterprise open source users. Only 38 percent of respondents – included systems and application architects, IT executives and managers and developers – said they were […]

Open Source Survey: Census updates

December 17, 2009 Roberto Galoppini

Updates from the Open Source Census, the survey launched in April by OpenLogic to collect quantitative data on the use of open source software. Up today 2,181 machines have been scanned with OSS Discovery, discovering over 767 unique open source packages and nearly 300,000 open source package inm    stallations. founding […]