December 9, 2016

Google Chrome Gets Better Code Optimization For V8

May 2, 2012 Zach Walton

Chrome is widely regarded by users for its speed and ease of use. The speed is definitely the biggest selling point though with the code running in the background really helping that along. To help speed things along even more, Google is introducing some code changes to the V8 JavaScript […]

10 Useful Resources to Bookmark for the Mobile Developer

March 14, 2012 Glenn Letham

There’s so many developer resources, portals, devzones and the like out there.. so where does one begin when they want to jump in to mobile app development? Obviously that depends on the platform of choice, the resources at hand and many other variables. Here’s 10 simple and useful dev resources […]

Codeacademy Letting Users Create Courses

February 15, 2012 William Berry

Its newly introduced course creator functionality positions the popular startup as an E-learning platform. After raising $2.5 Million in its first funding round last fall, and attracting nearly 400,000 pupils to date with its CodeYear initiative (including current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg), promising E-learning startup Codeacademy has recently […]

Making The Most of Meta Descriptions

January 9, 2012 Wesley LeFebvre

There is an ongoing debate as to whether search engines use keywords in meta descriptions to rank a web page. One thing is certain though, Google sometimes (but not always) uses the description as a snippet when it presents search results to a user on the Search Engine Results Page […]

Fun With JQuery: Part 2

November 30, 2011 Qushawn Clark

JQuery has a vast array of nice plugins for it that are generally free to use, and I’m going to go over a few here in this article. In the last article, I talked about the nifty little fancybox plugin for JQuery, and also explained a little on how to […]

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