August 24, 2016

Are Facebook’s App Links Something You’ll Use?

July 16, 2014 Chris Crum

Back in April, Facebook unveiled App Links, its effort to enable mobile apps to deep link to one another, effectively making the mobile app ecosystem more like the world wide web that we’ve all come to know and love. Your app could, for example, link to specific Wikipedia articles or […]

Dynamic Perspective and Firefly Release Official SDKs

June 25, 2014 Chris Crum

Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone on Wednesday, and two of the most talked-about features are Dynamic Perspective and Firefly. The former enables the device to track where your head is with a system of cameras and sensors so your perspective when looking at and interacting with the device becomes “dynamic”. The latter […]

Google’s App Indexing Now In More Languages

June 4, 2014 Chris Crum

Google launched app indexing globally in English a couple months back aftertesting it since November. Now, they’re expanding it into more languages. The feature enables Google to deliver in-app content in search results on mobile devices (specifically Android devices for now). For example, if you search for “Dee Barnes,” you might […]

Facebook Announces App Links at f8 Conference

May 7, 2014 Chris Crum

At Facebook’s f8 conference today, product manager Ilya Sukhar unveiled App Links, a new open, cross-platform standard for app-to-app linking. It enables developers to expose deep links in their own apps, and link to other apps.

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