May 31, 2016

All AWS Customers Can Now Use Amazon Kinesis

December 18, 2013 Zach Walton

Are you an Amazon Web Services customer looking for a new way to process streaming data in real-time? Well, you might have heard of a new service from AWS called Kinesis. It was previously only available to a few as part of a limited preview, but Amazon is now letting […]

Mobile Development Job Trends — August 2013

September 4, 2013 Rob Diana

Finally, we have the last job trends post in August, mobile development job trends. These trends are not quite as clear cut for job demand as the language trends given how often these terms get used. However, the trends can still measure the amount of buzz these technologies are generating. […]

Get Paid To View Ads On Your Phone

July 24, 2013 Mike Tuttle

Your smartphone has become an extension of you. That fact has even led to the rise of a new branch of studies in evolution, one that examines how we use modern technology to adapt and extend ourselves and our brains. The idea is that our smartphones and other such devices […]

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