August 18, 2017

Developing Better Hashtags For Your Site

December 17, 2009 Karl Long

Hashtags emerged some time ago as a way for people to indicate keywords in their tweets, metadata if you like. Usage was simple, just put a # before any word and it became a #hashtag. Search engines could filter through the noise for # and find metadata about the tweets. […]

Basic Guidelines To Developing An SEO Blog

December 17, 2009 Scott Van Achte

It’s no secret that a continually updated website with new content being added regularly stands a good chance of doing well in Google. One of the long standing methods to regularly expand a site’s content is through the use of a blog. While there are numerous platforms to choose from […]

Blogs Still Serve A Valuable Purpose

December 17, 2009 Brian Solis

Each year at Blogworld Expo, Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra presents The State of the Blogosphere as one of the event’s prestigious keynotes. For those who are unfamiliar with Technorati, it serves as a directory and search engine for the blogosphere as well as a benchmark for the ranking of blogs […]

Getting The Most Out Of Omniture Vista Rules

December 17, 2009 Gary Angel

We’ve been doing a LOT of implementation work in the past year – both fresh out of the box and re-implementations to fix or improve an existing setup. What probably isn’t too surprising is that the bulk of that work – both ways – is for Omniture’s SiteCatalyst. Now it’s […]

Optimizing Your Site Beyond SEO

December 17, 2009 Peter Da Vanzo

What is the purpose of that new page you’re adding to your site? Is it to rank highly for a keyword term? That’s half the battle won, of course 🙂 After the visitor has arrived on your page, what do you want the visitor to do next? According to Seth […]