August 18, 2017

Using Google To Track Changes On Your Site

Tracking website changes is always advisable for anyone who has an SEO campaign in place. In many cases, SEO changes can get wiped out when a webmaster reverts to an older version of the site, or inadvertently deletes code placed on the website for better rankings.

Google has a tool that lets you monitor site changes, as part of its Google Reader platform. Even though Google Reader ostensibly tracks news sites and feeds, you can create your own custom designation for your target site in order to track alterations. Technically, you are “subscribing” to your own site, but the ability to monitor the site’s activity lets you know when things are happening, or if they aren’t. In many cases website design changes are expected to be made within a certain timeframe, and you may need to know if the site has not been updated.

Additionally, you can also use this tool to track changes to a competitor’s website or websites. In the field of SEO, this can be useful to see if someone is actively working on an optimization campaign of their own. As competitive research, you can also learn if someone has a new product, service, offering, or news. Many websites list principal employees on certain pages, so you can monitor the changes to a company’s personnel, track promotions, or make note of sudden omissions. You can also look for new investor relations information or changes to terms and conditions which may be of interest.